Velkommen i Norge
Bienvenue en Norvège
Willkommen in Norwegen
Benvenuti in Norvegia
Welcome to Norway

Bienvenidos a Noruega
kongressen 11.08.-17.08.2019
Congrès du 11.08. au 17.08.2019
Tagung 11.08.-17.08.2019
Convegno 11.08.-17.08.2019
Congress 11-08 to 17-08-2019

Congreso 11.08.-17.08.2019

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  Welcome to the 37th J.E.C. Congress in Brennabu, Norway

37th J.E.C.-Congress

in Brennabu, Valdres, Norway

August 11 to August 17, 2019


Norwegian Association for Mycology and Foraging (NSNF)


The Norwegian Association for Mycology and Foraging, in collaboration with J.E.C., wish you a warm welcome to Norway and to Norwegian Cortinarii. We are inviting you to the heart of South Norway, to the valleys of Valdres, situated along the touristic main road between Oslo and Bergen. Here you have deep black conifer forests mirroring in long “fiord lakes”. Over the deep main valleys and lakes, you find small, wide montane valleys with summer farms, heathlands, bogs/mires, birch forest, and alpine areas with Dryas heaths and dwarf Salix snow beds. We will be situated in the summer farm (mountain diary farm) valley along the shores of lake Vaset, where the Norwegian farmers for centuries spent their summers and (early) autumns with their cattle. Little did they know that the area now will be invaded by people from all over Europe – looking for Cortinarius fungi!

Venue and Accommodation:
Brennabu hotel/school course center
GPS coordinates: Latitude: 61.0000 N/ Longitude: 9.0000 E
Venue: Brennabu, Vaset, Vestre Slidre municipality (“kommune”), Valdres region, Oppland County, Norway.

The meeting will take place from Aug. 11. to 17. 2019

    Location : The Valdres district is situated just east of the mountain chain separating Western- and Eastern Norway. The main road (E16) between Oslo and Bergen goes through Valdres. Our destination, Brennabu/Vaset is 200 km northwest of Oslo (along E16). It takes approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes to drive by car from Oslo city centre/airport.

    The congress will be held at theBrennabu hotel/school course centre at Vaset (, Vestre Slidre, in district of Valdres. Brennabu is a field course center for school classes (camp school), learning about nature. It was the place for a mycological congress for CEMM members in July 2017. The rooms at Brennabu centre is rather small, of hotel/pension standards, but offers what you need; a good bed, a shower and a toilet. The Brennabu centre includes also large working rooms and an adjacent house for our conferen­ces/lectures, opening ceremony, exhibitions etc.

    Nature : The main valley of Valdres is characterized by small, scattered farmland settlements, and a number of long, narrow lakes (“fiord lakes”) that lies 200-300 m above sea level. Our destination, the Vaset valley (approx 700 m a.s.l.), is a so-called summer farm valley, formerly characterized by extensive cattle grazing, today characterized by a semi-open landscape. Behind the summer farm valleys, you can see in the distance the highest Norwegian mountains, the Jotunheimen, with highest peaks around 2400 m asl. The Valdres area is dominated by sedimentary rocks; non-calcareous sandstones, and soft, easy weathered, sometimes calcareous phyllite or mica-shist. Usually, rich calcareous nature types are found where the ground water appears in depressions, whereas small hilltops/ridges are non-calcareous.

    Habitats : We will mainly visit the following habitats (forest/heathland types): black conifer forests dominated by Picea abies (and alsoPinus sylvestris), subalpine birch forest dominated byBetula pubescens subsp. tortuosa, large bogs/mires with Salix/Betula spp, alpine heathlands including “grey willow” belts (Salix lapponum, S. glauca etc.), Betula nana heaths, snowbeds with Salix herbacea and Dryas heathlands, and finally grazed, semi-natural grasslands near the summer farms.

    Climate : The climate is semi-cold boreal(-alpine). Where we are situated, in the transition zone between boreal forests and alpine heathlands, the climate in summer can vary a lot; from warm days with approx 20 degrees, to cold nights with only a few plus degrees. The climate is further rather oceanic, which means that there might be regularly rainfalls. Furthermore, we want to bring you into the Norwegian mountains (on some of the excursions). So our firm advice to you is to bring good warm clothes, rain gear, good hiking boots, and rubber boots can also be useful!

   The meeting is organized by the Norwegian Association for Mycology and Foraging (NSNF) .

Travel to Brennabu

By plane: Flights to Oslo airport, Gardermoen. From there, you can go by bus (route/line NW163) to Fagernes (centre of Valdres), some kilometers further to bus stop Ulnes and you will be picked up at Fagernes/Ulnes. (There are few buses going directly from airport, and you might need to take a 20 min. fast-train to Oslo bus terminal, and then bus NW160/161 from bus terminal.) Alternatively, you can hire a rent-a-car at Oslo airport.

By car: Most of you, coming from the south, should travel first to Oslo, via ferry/E18 from Denmark-South Sweden. From Oslo you take the main road (E16) towards Bergen, via Fagernes. Approx 9 km NW of Fagernes, at Ulnes, you take off from E16, to the left, in direction Vaset/Panoramavegen. You cross the fjord (bridge), and soon you will see a sign towards Brennabu (see picture!). The journey from Oslo along E16 to Brennabu/Vaset is 200 km, and takes a little more than 3 hours.
We recommend that you use if possible cars that are suitable for mountain roads and have greater ground clearance.

Bring your passport for ID. Payment with credit card is normal everywhere in Norway. Some cash money (NOK) is still recommended. There is no cash machines/bankomates at Brennabu.

Registration fees

Congress Fee is 1000.- NOK (= ca. 100 EUR) for J.E.C. members, for non-JEC-members 1400.- NOK (ca. 140 EUR).

Costs at Brennabu school course centre for six nights All meals are included. Drinks (wine/beer/soft drinks) are not included. Only at the gala dinner are drinks included and sponsored.
3480,- NOK (= ca. 350 EUR) per person for accommodation in double room (w/ shower)
NOK (= ca. 400 EUR) for accommodation in single room (w/ shower)
,- NOK (= ca. 310 EUR) for all meals, use of working room, etc., plus electricity fee, without accommodation (for those staying in camping wagon at Brennabu).
,- NOK (= ca. 190 EUR) for those only attending dinner, use of lab (for those staying in hotel or other accommodation in Fagernes or camping wagon outside Brennabu).

It is possible to order first class hotel in Fagernes (Scandic hotel, Fagernes). Fagernes is situated 18 km from Brennabu/Vaset.

Cancellation fees :      until July 1. 2019: 500 NOK
                                     later: no refund

Registration and payment

For registration you must complete the registration form. Please fill out a registration form for each participant and each accompanying person. Please return the completed registration form

at the latest by 15. March 2019

to one of the following addresses:

by post:         Norges Sopp- og nyttevekstforbund
                       adr. Schweigaardsgate 34F
                       N-0191 Oslo

by e-mail:

The Norwegian Association for Mycology and Foraging (Norges Sopp- og Nyttevekstforbund) will send you an invoice of what you have to pay: The Registration fee + accommodation costs for staying at Brennabu will be invoiced as pdf to your email address and can be paid using bank transfer or our account at PayPal. Please make sure you pay the exact amount in NOK.

Registration will only be valid after the Registration- and accommodation fees have arrived. The receipt of the fees and the validity of your registration will be confirmed by e-mail in April 2019.

Important instructions

Please complete each line of the registration form or delete it clearly, be sure to mark whether you will be registrated as a mycologist or as companion.
NB: Some rooms are for more than two persons; please indicate if you are a group that can be accomodated e.g. in a four-bed room. This will give us capacity to house more persons at Brennabu. We will also use some rooms/cabins in adjacent motel/camp if necessary.
Remember to bring thermos-flask for hot water (for lunch in the field).

The registration form and the programme can be copied or downloaded from the following websites:

=> brochure (pdf)       => registration form (pdf)     or from

Program 2019 (provisional)

Mycological excursions take place every day Monday-Friday. There are 3-4 destinations per day. The excursions will be arranged by own cars.
The excursion info with map and participant lists will be displayed on the wall of the working room/conference hall. Participants are kindly requested to enter their choice for each day in the excursion lists.

Sunday, August 11, 2019
16.00-20.00 h Registration
18.00 h check-in
19.30-21.00 h Opening Ceremony with aperitif, introduction to nature in Valdres and next day excursions
21.00-22.30 h Dinner

Monday, August 12, 2019
07.30-08.30 h Breakfast
                       (everybody makes his lunch packet and the thermos-flask for warm drinks for himself)
09.00-13.00/14.00 h Mycological Excursions (by cars). Including lunch in the field
13.00-18.00 h Individual study of finds in the workroom (coffee + waffle available at 16.00 h)
18.00-18.50 h Presentation of interesting finds.
19.00-20.30 h Dinner
20.30-21.30 h Lectures/presentations. Short intro to next-day excursions
21.30-23.45 h Individual study of finds in the workroom

Tuesday, August 13, 2019
07.30-08.30 h Breakfast (incl. making of lunch packet and thermos-flask for warm drinks)
09.00-13.00/14.00 h Excursions (by cars) incl. lunch
13.00-18.00 h Individual studies (coffee at 16.00)
15.45-16.45 h Board meeting
17.00-18.00 h General Assembly
18.00-18.50 h Presentation of interesting finds
19.00-20.30 h Dinner
20.30-21.30 h Lectures/presentations, excursion intro
21.30-00.00 h Individual studies

Wednesday, August 14, 2019
07.30-08.30 h Breakfast (incl. making of lunch packet and thermos-flask for warm drinks)
09.00-14.00/15.00 h Excursions (by cars) incl. lunch. Longer excursions to Jotunheimen mountains
14.00-18.00 h Individual studies (coffee 16.00)
18.00-18.50 h Presentation of interesting finds
19.00-20.30 h Dinner
20.30-21.30 h Lectures/presentations, excursion intro
21.30-00.00 h Individual studies

Thursday, August 15, 2019
07.30-08.30 h Breakfast (incl. making of lunch packet and thermos-flask for warm drinks)
09.00-13.00/14.00 h Excursions (by cars), incl. lunch
13.00-17.30 h Individual studies (coffee at 16.00)
17.30-18.00 h Presentation of interesting finds
18.45-19.15 h Aperitif
19.30 h Gala dinner with cultural program

Friday, August 16, 2019
07.30-08.30 h Breakfast (incl. making of lunch packet and thermos-flask for warm drinks)
09.00-13.00/14.00 h Excursions (by cars), incl. lunch
14.30-18.00 h Individual studies (coffee 16.00)
18.00-18.50 h Presentation of interesting finds
19.00-20.30 h Dinner
20.30-00.00 h Individual studies

Saturday, August 17, 2019
07.30-09.00 h Breakfast
09.00-12.00 h Farewell of the participants and dismantling of the workrooms

Additional program

We offer the following events as side program for accompanying persons or those with special interest for a cultural/historical program. We recommend that you announce for the desired tours/events when registrating for the conference. The mycological excursions also include a trip to the Jotunheimen mountains, which will be touristic and of interest also for accompanying persons. It is also good opportunities for smaller, individual foot trips/hiking in the small mountains around Brennabu/lake Vaset. If of interest, it will be possible to arrange a moose safari from Brennabu on Friday (150,- NOK per person)

For those of you who wants to spend more time in Norway after the congress, a trip to the Sognefjord (130 km from Brennabu/Vaset; 2 hours by car) and city of Bergen (5 hours) is recommended.

Tour 1
Monday, August 12. 2019    Lomen – stave church (very old, wooden church)
                                             Guided visit + visit to gallery.

Tour 2
Tuesday, August 13. 2019 Visit to traditional summer farm (mountain diary farm) where they make local cheese, etc.

Tour 3
Wednesday, August 14. 2019 Trips to the Jotunheimen mountains (Bygdin east; Eidsbugarden-Tyin), as part of the Mycological Excursion program.

Tour 4
Friday, August 16, 2019 Valdres folklore museum, Fagernes, w/ guiding.


During the conference there will be a (limited) opportunity to give lectures/presentations.
Please inform us in your registration form if you intend to give a lecture/presentation. Please write a summary (one page) of your lecture in Word format in one of the working languages of the present conference (according to the statutes: French, German, Italian or English) and send it to Oswald Rohner, President of the J.E.C., by e-mail ( ) by 1 June 2019 at the latest. This summary will be distributed to the participants interested in your lecture.

Contact person of the Organizing Committee:            Tor Erik Brandrud
                                                                                       Tel.: (+ 47) 90894492

Leader of the Norw. Ass. Mycology and Foraging:     Pål Karlsen
                                                                                       Tel.: (+47) 932 24 377


Informations on the conference on the Internet:      => brochure (pdf)

Pictures from Brennabu, Valdres

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